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Highly Recommendable Applications

Brief Recommendations

All of these applications can be easily installed by typing apt-get update && apt-get install [package_name] as root. These programs can be installed on Kanotix or other debian-based linux distributions (e.g. Mint, Ubuntu, Saline os). It is possible to write more than one package name this command. A different way of installing these applications is to install them with a graphical user interface resp. with the package management software synaptic. To do so, it might be necessary to install synaptic first (apt-get install synaptic). (in order to install all packages without error messages for missing or mispronounced package names, copy package names into text file and follow these instructions

Office programs etc.

krename (rename multiple files)
gscan2pdf (scan and save documents)
gimagereader (best program for OCR / character recognition of scanned documents. Has to be downloades here and installed.
ding (German-English dictionary)
Calibre (Great program to sort and store ebooks)
trans-de-en (the file containing the words for ding)
planner (Project management software)
convertall (conversation program for measures)
actiona (automatization of various processes on the computer)
diffuse (Best program to compare text files)
pdfshuffler (great, easy to use program for editing of pdf documents: sort, merge, rotate etc.)
pdfchain (great, easy to use program for editing of pdf documents: Add: Watermarks, encrypt pdfs, add attachments etc.)
peazip Best packing program for files under Linux. **download**) here. Best running version is the GTK portable version. Download, extract to /home/username and run from there - or create desktop icon.
GCStar (organize your DVD and other collections)
posterazor (Easily create PDF-Poster files to print large posters on A4-Printers)
glabels (create and print labels, CD-covers or business cards)
thunderbird (most popular open source email program)
xournal (draw within pdf files, make comments, fill out forms etc. easy to use!)
kompozer (graphical html-editor. Get it here and simply run it after unpacking)
gespeaker (reads text for you. install packages mbrola and espeak in addition to gespeaker)
kfilereplace (GUI program to search and replace test strings in multiple files)
Hibiscus/Jameica (best online banking programm for Linux. download here! Needs Java / Openjdk to run. And this is the howto to set up online banking.)

Install all:
apt-get install gespeaker pdfchain mbrola pdfshuffler espeak krename gscan2pdf ocrfeeder ding trans-de-en planner \ 
gcstar glabels posterazor calibre diffuse kfilereplace convertall thunderbird actiona xournal

Audio & Video:

audacity (edit sound files)
guvcview (best program to create videos or pictures from the webcam)
easytag (tag your mp3 files)
soundconverter (convert audio files easily)
kid3 (tag your mp3 files - 2)
lmms (create songs with different soundtracks)
kino (Video editor)
mixxx (Great DJ Player)
dvdrip (Rip DVDs to hard disk. Best program to rip music video dvds, because you can store each video in one file!)
VLC (Complete media player)
imagination (Create videos or DVDs from image files)
kdenlive (standard video-editor, wide functionality)
timidity (outputs Midi-Sounds from a Keyboard/digital piano)
freepats (various sound-types for Midi-Keyboards)
kazam (Screen-Recorder: Create videos with audio of screen content.
aconnectgui (program to connect timidity, vkeybd and the sound karte. Runn aconnectgui using the script shown here )
vkeybd (tune in the right sound for your keyboard (go to - view - program list). Additional information you can get here)
performous (karaoke program like ultrastar deluxe)
streamtuner2 (Record radio streams from the internet. Also install streamripper to record radio)
ripperx (rip mp3s - backup your purchased audio cds)
clementine (Music player and organizer. Very nice program. Superior amarok 1.4 clone)
bombono-dvd (DVD-Authoring. Convert any video file to a DVD)

Install all:
apt-get install guvcview audacity soundconverter imagination mixxx clementine easytag kid3 lmms kino kdenlive \
performous streamtuner2 streamripper ripperx timidity aconnectgui vlc freepats bombono-dvd vkeybd kazam dvdrip

System software:

prelink (speed up the system)
preload (speed up the system)
htop (task manager for terminal. You can also kill processes and programs here, that are startet with root rights: "sudo htop")
jed (best terminal text editor)
readahead (speed up the system)
Grub Customizer (great Grub2 editor, you can configure anything with booting and startup here! Download program here and install with "cmake ." , "make" und "su" , "make install". Install packages libgtkmm-2.4-dev and cmake before. Run as root. You can also use this file extract it and run the program right away)
recoll (easy and working desktop search - take different Icon theme from here Also install packages poppler-utils unrtf ghostscript antiword xsltproc catdoc)
bleachbit (program to remove superfluous files from your system)
grsync (simple backup-program for single directories)
kbackup (simple backup-program for multiple directories - Keep in mind not to use this with a FAT-file system because the created backup file can be very big! Better backup program: areca - see below)
dvdisaster (read DVDs-CDs and sava as Iso file. Reads most broken disks. Also best program to save Movie-DVD-ISOs (play with VLC))
virtualbox (Install a virtual machene / a different operation system on linux: Installation instructions: simply type !vbox in the Kanotix-IRC and follow the instructions)
isomaster (create and read from Iso files)
acetoneiso (great program to handle iso and cue/bin files)
sqlitebrowser (browse and modify sqlite files - e.g. the Clementine database)
dolphin (best file manager. Standard in KDE)
tango-icon-theme (Beautiful Icon Theme)
filelight (Analyze file sizes on data mediums)
gnome-disk-utility (benchmark harddiscs. The program to be run is called palimpsest)
hardinfo (Various system benchmarks and full system informations)
kshutdown (Shut down computer in x-minutes)
kteatime (Simple timer for KDE)
gnome-system-monitor (pretty system monitor)
!q4wine (nice tool to organize and configure windows programs running with wine)
rng-tools (random number generator - if you have enigmail, this improves it)
gdebi-kde (graphical installation program for DEB-packages)
xsensors (graphical program that allows you to read out temperatures and voltages from hardware sensors. Also install lm-sensors and libsensors4 first. In order to activate the temperature information run the following command in the terminal as root sensors-detect)
testdisk Great program that recovers accidentely erased/deleted files. Run with command: sudo photorec

Install all:
apt-get install bleachbit dvdisaster xsensors gdebi-kde prelink kbackup recoll preload readahead-fedora \
hardinfo gnome-disk-utility poppler-utils unrtf ghostscript catdoc antiword xsltproc isomaster tango-icon-theme filelight grsync kshutdown kteatime acetoneiso  \
gnome-system-monitor testdisk sqlitebrowser q4wine

Image Editing:

inkscape (best vector draw- and edit program - opens SVG-files)
gcolor2 (read colors in hex-numbers from the screen)
fotoxx (Very nice program. Very useful to improve bad images - taken from digital cameras or snapshots; built in panorama-stiching-function)
gwenview (best image viewer. It is recommended to install the kipi-plugins first to get poster-printing, batch conversion etc. Also install the kipi-plugins for more features!)
digikam (complete image sorting and management program)
phatch (best image batch program)
gimp (refernce image editing program)
scribus (layout programm)
Sweethome3D (Design your appartement, house or garden)

Install all:
apt-get install inkscape fotoxx gcolor2 scribus digikam phatch sweethome3d gimp

Security software:

rkhunter (finds rootkits/trojan horses: to execute: type: rkhunter -c (as root in the terminal))
chkrootkit (finds rootkits/trojan horses: to execute: type: chrootkit (as user in the terminal))
pdfcrack (program to crack pdf files which are secured by a password - bruteforce method, non graphical)
steghide (Hide and encrypt files within image files! Howto here.)

Internet and various software:

amule (p2p client: emule für linux)
transmission (nice download manager - best for torrents)
marble (a kind of google earth for linux with openstreetmap-maps)
filezilla (best FTP client)
httrack (clone whole websites easily. command: "httrack --quiet --path=. --max-rate=10000000 --connection-per-second=100 http://www.website.com
dosbox (run dos games on linux)
rss-glx (Beautiful screensaver package. To get this running you've got to install this first.
gnome-screensavers (Good additional screensavers)
smaragd (more beautiful window decoration for KDE4 based on Emerald. Download this and unpack to /home/username/.emerald. Then download the following package and install.

Install all:
apt-get install amule httrack filezilla transmission marble dosbox rss-glx xorg-dev libavahi-qt3-dev \
kdelibs-dev gnome-screensavers

Games: (don't install the newest versions of these games via the package management, but get them from the websites and install them manually!)

Hedgewars (Very nice Worms Clone in vektor graphics. Can be installed via paket management)
nexuiz (3d-shooter high graphics quality)
warsow (fast comic-shooter)
urban terror (great shooter - counter strike clone)
sauerbraten (super fast shooter)

Various addons for KDE and Linux: (recommended to have a more comfortable, easy to use system and to get additional functionalities)

apt-get install kdemultimedia kipi-plugins !gtk2-engines !gtk2-engines-cleanice imagemagick mc mtp-tools mtpfs \
busybox-syslogd rkhunter chkrootkit libk3b6-extracodecs lm-sensors libsensors4 tesseract-ocr alien tesseract-ocr-deu bchunk \
libimage-exiftool-perl libgimp2.0-dev poppler-utils unrtf ghostscript antiword xsltproc catdoc flac tesseract-ocr-eng pdftk gksu pdftk pdfjam \
kipi-plugins samba kdenetwork-filesharing kdenetwork mediainfo libimage-exiftool-perl medianinfo-gui kompare cmake build-essential autoconf \
make trans-de-en ntfsprogs ntfs-3g \
xscreensaver xscreensaver-gl  rss-glx lib32asound2  gtk2-engines-oxygen gtk3-engines-oxygen transcode-utils  transcode wine \
aspell-de aspell-fr aspell-de-alt aspell-en pstotext mesa-utils

Various addons for KDE and Linux: (installable from external sources)

Image Converter for Dolphin and Konqueror (image manipulation from right-click menu. Great addon)
Download here.
PDF Services for Dolphin and Konqueror Download from here and install deb file for debian. Restart Dolphin, right click on PDF "Actions". Also install package pdftk from repository!
Nicher icon theme for Recoll (Desktop-Search) ((http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Nicer+Icon+Theme+for+Recoll+%2B+html-code?content=145669 download hiere).

Non-graphical programs for the text console:

midnight commander (very good file manager - like norton commander - still works when the x doesn't run. Start with the command mc)
shred (Program which securely deletes hard discs or Flash-Devices. Execute as root: shred /dev/devicename -v . To find out about the device name, start gparted and look under the medium's properties)

Other Programs: (not part of the debian/kanotix-repository)

areca (best backup program for Linux. download here. To run the program you also need to install the following packages: libglazedlists-java libswt-gtk-3.5-java libswt-gtk-3.5-jni libmiglayout-java. Also everything with SWT and Java from Synaptic)
geotag (best program to geo-tag image files - also tag direction of view! Download the program here and start from terminal with java -jar geotag-XXX.jar)
skype (Chat- and video/telephone program)
jalbum (create photo galleries)
veracrypt (safe platform independent program to cipher USB-sticks, container files or full partitions. Get the installation file download here

Recommendable windows-programs to run with wine

Foxit Reader (Foxit Reader for Windows is a fast and good PDF-viewer, which runs under wine perfectly. Foxitreader allows to mark text and add text boxes which can be saved in the pdf file. No free program for linux can do this up to now. Foxitreader can be downloaded here.)
Foxit Phantom (perfect replacement for Adobe Acrobat. Much cheaper and runs with wine. Integrated batch-ocr functionality, PDF editor, form editor, sign function for PDF documents etc.)
Word Viewer (Check if word-documents that are created or edited with OpenOffice/Libreoffice look okay under M$ Office. Download here)
GMX-SMS-Manager (Write Text messages to mobile phones with your computer keyboard. In Germany you get 50 text messages free if you have GMX-Pro-Mail)
Terragen (create virtual landscapes. Download e.g. here)

Important extensions for OpenOffice/LibreOffice:

Language Tool (better dictionary for spell checking)
Professional Template Pack (better document templates)
Read Text (Read text as audio)
sund presenter console (very good for presentations)
sun pdf import extension (edit PDF-documents)

Important extensions for Gimp:

G'mic (install with package management. Package name: gimp-gmic)
Gimp Addons (install with package management. Package name: gimp-plugin-registry )
David's Batch Processor (download here, unpack and run command make to compile. Then put dbp file here /home/[username]/.gimp-2.x/plug-ins/)

Important addons for Thunderbird

Reminderfox (very nice, well integraded calendar for Thunderbird and Firefox - with synchronisation of to-do-lists and dates)
Enigmail (cipher or sign emails with PGP)
Shrunk Image Resizer (Resize draged&dropped images in Emails. Very useful!)
ThunderBrowse (Browse websites within thunderbird. Also useful to assign a browser to links opening from thunderbird)
Display Mail User Agent (Nice addon that displays from which email clients and operation systems emails are sent from)
Signature Switch (change email signature via shortcut)
Adressbook Synchronizer (synchronize adressbook via webdav)

Important addons for Firefox (or Iceweasel/Namoroka)

Autofill Forms (Automatically fill forms on web pages)
DownloadHelper (Download videsos from thousands of video-websites)
DownloadThemAll (conveniently download many files)
ghostery (prevent spy cookies from doing their job)
Firebug (Helps analysing websites and codes. Very helpful while creating PHP-Websites or working with CMS)
FireFTP (Very nice FTP-Client for the browser)
Flash Killer (hides all flash animations/movies if activated. Click on flash-element to play just this one. Highly recommendable on weak computers)
ImageHost Grabber (download all images in a photo gallery based on PHP)
Reload Every (reload a website in a certain interval)

To get Multimedia-program recommendations, also for programs which cannot be listed here for legal reasons please contact me directly-

Install all recommended programs:
apt-get install kdemultimedia kipi-plugins gtk2-engines gtk2-engines-cleanice rkhunter steghide gnupg gnupg-agent \
chkrootkit tesseract-ocr tesseract-ocr-deu tesseract-ocr-eng pdftk pdftk pdfjam poppler-utils ghostscript kipi-plugins amule transmission \
gespeaker mbrola espeak recoll marble soundconverter dosbox rss-glx rkhunter gksu inkscape gcolor2 glabels sweethome3d \
scribus gimp dvdisaster lm-sensors libsensors4 xsensors guvcview hardinfo ocrfeeder gdebi-kde alien gnome-disk-utility bleachbit \
flac clementine isomaster filezilla thunderbird httrack vlc flvstreamer bchunk mixxx pdfchain xournal kompare fotoxx bombono-dvd \
tango-icon-theme samba hedgewars kdenetwork-filesharing q4wine busybox-syslogd filelight libgimp2.0-dev grsync kshutdown htop \
streamripper kteatime gnome-system-monitor prelink preload posterazor readahead-fedora audacity easytag imagination kid3 phatch lmms kino \
kdenlive timidity aconnectgui freepats vkeybd libk3b6-extracodecs performous streamtuner2 ripperx krename !gscan2pdf ding mtp-tools \
trans-de-en pdfcrack planner digikam gcstar imagemagick libimage-exiftool-perl pdfshuffler mc cmake build-essential jed autoconf \
make trans-de-en firefox convertall ntfs-3g actiona sqlitebrowser xscreensaver-data-extra xscreensaver-gl-extra dvdrip \
xscreensaver xscreensaver-gl gtk2-engines-oxygen diffuse wine transcode libreoffice moodbar mupdf mupdf-tools acetoneiso \
kazam transcode-utils kdenetwork k3b aspell-de aspell-fr aspell-de-alt aspell-en testdisk calibre kfilereplace pstotext mesa-utils

If you want it easy click on the following link, copy everything and paste it in to the terminal:

NOT recommendable programs (programs which aren't working very well)

pdfedit (horrible usibility, incomplete application. To mark Text or put postits into PDF documents run the windows-Version of foxitreader under wine)
strigi/nepomuk (integrated desktop search for KDE4. Not very fast and not working very well)
photoprint (Print images as posters. Crashes when print jobs are sent, or doesn't print. Alternatively use the extended print functionalities of gwenview)
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